Iron Device, We make sound the way you want


Provide Unified Audio Solution for Smart Device

Our mission
is providing advanced audio solution and creating future sound technology.
Iron Device offers optimizing audio sound quality especially in mobile phone, smart speakers,
other smart hone devices and hearables more.
our small single chip makes huge difference in your products and your sound experience.
For this, we keep pushing ourselves to invent future sound technology.

Work Scope & Tech coverage

  • Driving from low power earphones to powerful loud speakers
  • High Fidelity Data Conversion and Signal Processing
  • Using Bipolar-CMOS-DMOS Process/Circuit Technology
  • In-house high performance Audio IP Portfolio
  • Not only Rx (Playback) but also Tx (Record) Solution
Audio Amplifier
Iron Device’s amplifiers are designed for mobile applications especially but also and other hearable applications. Our products offer best-in-class idle power consumption while maintaining high output power efficiency. Iron Device, we provide total audio solutions with less power consumption in tiny size. We believe tiny chip could make strong sound and have been working to manufacturer small and powerful amplifier embedded for your designs, customers and the markets.
Audio Codec
Iron Device’s audio codec ICs are designed for mobile applications like smartphones, tablets, headphones, and other hearable and portable devices. Our audio codec ICs offers a broad range of applications and they are perfectly suited for mobile phone, smart speakers, smart accessories sound.
Audio ADC Converter
Iron Device offers best audio analog-to-digital converters and digital-to-analog converters for mobile applications like smartphones, tablets, headphones, and other hearable and portable devices. Iron Device’s AD, DC converter is designed cost effectively and simple to user interface. From low power earphones to powerful loud speakers, Iron Device also offers a wide range of audio AD, DC converters for various applications. And we provide very suitable audio solution for each application which makes them sound perfectly.
Boost Converter
Iron Device is specialized in sound technology but we also have deep experience in powers. The common problem facing design and commercializing is power efficiency and stability in application. Especially in small scale application, such as portable devices our deep experience can provide innovative solution for boost converter from many sources.
Motor Driver
Iron Device provides Motor driver for various applications from home device to automatics. And out motor drivers simply designed to use maximize board guaranteeing efficiency and reliability. Our motor driver performs its function and help application reduce power consumption.
Gate Driver
A gate driver is a power amplifier that accepts a low-power input from a controller IC and produces a high-current drive input for the gate of a high-power transistor. As increasing consumption of media content on mobile devices, power duration has become important option to choose a device. Therefore, power efficiency is an important factor for consumers to select a product, which gradually increase the importance of gate drivers.
GaN Driver

As we named Iron Device, GaN Driver we make, offers high power efficiency and reliability. With no power, any devices couldn’t work well Gate driver is one of the most important thing of device. For this, IC reliability is the one factor Iron Device’s GaN driver offers outstanding power resistance, high speed switching. We could allow you make your application having a ultimately smaller size but with very powerful performance.

SiC Driver

Smart devices need more power, because they will control other devices by AI and IoT system. For this, smart devices have to be required using special drivers for the high efficiency power control system. For this SiC technology is required both SIC and GaN. Iron Device’s SIC Driver is satisfying stability of the application’s performance at the same time reducing power consumption.


  • 01 Sizs

    Iron Device develops innovative technology to provide top quality audio sound and make devices smaller, smarter and increased energy efficiency. With small but strong such as irons, Iron Device's products make powerful sound but not seen in your application.
    Our tiny size chip helps you design more creatively and make flexible applications that meet the needs of your customers.
  • 02 High Performance

    Iron Device, we own our In-house high performance Audio IP Portfolio. Our technology has enabled high-end audio technologies and provide high performance, innovative and user friendly audio solutions.
    Digital amplifier and digital processing are able to make strong sound and low distortion.
    You will experience future sound beyond applications with our high performance audio solutions.
  • 03 Efficiency

    Iron Device Corporation is specialized in a mixed-signal semiconductor company, focused on providing leading-edge digital / analog /
    power-mixed single silicon device solution.
    It makes you reduce the design space requirements very efficiently with less power consumption and cost.
  • 04 SCM

    We manufacture our semiconductors in the high precision processes and with the support of Iron Device’s business partner
    Silicon Mitus, our products are distributed globally with mass-volumes.


Technical Roadmap and Vision
Providing Key Components and Solutions for Smart Audio Products

Audio Amplifier Solution – Tech/Product/IP Roadmap  LEARN MORE

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